Suprabhat Das

CS Undergrad - AUK

Hello, I am Suprabhat Das.

I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Amity University, Kolkata.

I believe in the principle of gathering knowledge - all I can attain irrespective of the source - remaining an avid learner throughout my life. In my first score of years, I not only managed to rubber-stamp a place for myself in the fields that piqued my interests but have also contributed greatly towards their betterment. My hard work and zeal are primarily the most considerable traits that deserve being eulogized for whatever success I have mustered and will assemble, to date and beyond. 

Added on, is the alacrity to remain devoted, determined and focused on doing what I love.

A thought I preach: “Think global. Act local.

My success mantra: “Be a trend-setter rather than being a trend-follower."

Work experience


FEBRUARY 2017 - JUNE 2017

Research Intern

CSIR - CDRI / Lucknow


Research Coordinator

CSIR - CDRI / Lucknow

MARCH 2016 - APRIL 2017 

Research Coordinator

Sapne NGO / New Delhi



Campaign Volunteer

HelpAge India / Kolkata


Campaign Volunteer

SOS Children's Villages of India / Kolkata


Potential Blood Stem Cell Donor 

DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry / Kolkata


Global Youth Ambassador

A World at School / Kolkata


Community Volunteer

SillyCon India / Kolkata


Campus Ambassador

Institute of Engineering and Management Model United Nations / Kolkata


Campus Ambassador

Twenty19 / Kolkata

MAY 2017 - JULY 2017

Campus Ambassador

Robotsavam / Kolkata

FEBRUARY 2017 - MARCH 2017

Campus Ambassador

Awign / Kolkata


Campus Representative

mywbut / Kolkata

MAY 2017 - JULY 2017

Digital Volunteer

Skill Minds India - Delivering Skills / Kolkata

FEBRUARY 2017 - MARCH 2017

Campus Ambassador

Godrej HIT / Kolkata



Contributing Writer

Quora / Kolkata


Contributing Writer

Medium / Kolkata


Local Guide

Google / Kolkata


Internshala Student Partner 9.0

Internshala / Kolkata


Squad Member

Hike Messenger / Kolkata


Beta Tester

Coursera / Kolkata


Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Research & Development
Business Management
Digital Marketing
Graphic Designing
Content Writing
Creative Thinking
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication


  • 3 Top Tech Skills in High Demand That Can Change the Future (Published on April 7, 2018) | Technotification  
  • Top 5 Web-based Project Management Applications (Published on April 1, 2018) | Technotification
  • Trello: A Web-based Project Management Application (Published on April 1, 2018) | LinkedIn Pulse 
  • My Diary of Failures () | LinkedIn Pulse
  • IoT based Simple Home Automation using Raspberry Pi () | International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) | Volume-53 Number-3 | Page No. 124 -125 | ISSN: 2231-5381
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming () | International Journal of Engineering Science Technology And Research (IJESTR) | Volume - 2, Issue - 4 | Page No. 14 - 18 | ISSN: 2456 - 0464
  • Review Paper on Wireless Power Transmission for Charging Mobile Devices () | International Journal of Engineering And Computer Science (IJECS) |  Volume - 6, Issue - 3 | Page No. 20751-20755 | ISSN: 2319-7242
  • How to remove fear of Mathematics? (Published on March 1, 2017) | LinkedIn Pulse
  • Quest for Happiness in This Material World (Published on December 11, 2016) | LinkedIn Pulse
  • Programming in Daily Life (Published on November 4, 2016) | International Journal of Allied Practice, Research and Review (IJAPRR) | Volume - 3, Issue - 11 | Page No. 01 - 03 | ISSN: 2350-1294

Honors & Awards

  • Top Ambassador 2017 | April 2018 | Intel Software
    Received the 'Top Ambassador 2017' Award by Intel Software for my contributions to Intel Software Ambassador Program.
  • Google Web Designer | August 2017 | Google
    Google has recognized me for earning an achievement based on my knowledge of Google Web Designer. I passed the Assessment that shows my product expertise.
    Global Facts Certificate for 100% correct answers on the GAPMINDER TEST 2017 proving essential global knowledge that most people don't have!
  • INBOUND CERTIFIED | February 2017 | HubSpot Academy
    The bearer of this certificate is hereby deemed fully capable and skilled in Inbound Methodology. He/She has been tested on best practices and is capable of applying them to attract strangers, to convert visitors, to close leads and to delight customers.
  • EXPERT AUTHOR | August 2016 | EzineArticles
    Achieved the title of EzineArticles Expert Author and is a member in good standing with
  • INTERNATIONAL INFORMATICS OLYMPIAD - 2010 | February 2010 | Computer Literacy Foundation
    Awarded Olympiad Rank 70 and State Rank 5 in the final level of International Informatics Olympiad 2010 organized by Computer Literacy Foundation and supported by SILVERZONE.
  • TATA BUILDING INDIA School Essay Competition (2009-2010) | November 2009 | Tata
    Awarded School Level Winner - Junior Category and the competition covered 36 cities, where almost a million students across 1500 English medium schools participated.
  • 8th NATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD | October 2008 | Science Olympiad Foundation
    Awarded All India Rank 5910, State Rank 302 and City Rank 140 in the 8th National Cyber Olympiad organized by Science Olympiad Foundation at about 3000 centers in India and abroad.

Special moments


Shambhu Prasad Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Kolkata

Suprabhat is the best that can happen to someone's life. Especially when that someone is a friend, professor, business associate, employer or an employee. Best in the business with a superb sense of professionalism. Sober, soft spoken and a smile on his face make him unbeatable in the true sense of the term. My best wishes to those who dare to miss him out in their journey called life.

Arun Palanimuthu Ramaswamy

Head Of Business Development (India)

Suprabhat Das always amazed me with his industry insight and original approaches to solving problems. He thinks on the cutting edge of Zero Paid Marketing and Lead Generation. I was impressed by his manner of doing a great job. He learns quickly and I would have no hesitation in working with Suprabhat Das once again in the future.

Faiz Mohd Arif Khan

Senior Trainer, Ritusha Consultant Private Limited

Suprabhat's attitude is an asset to his learning skills. He continually builds people up and deals with difficult situations. He is very nice with the schedule and he accentuates the positive in most situations. Suprabhat is excellent at keeping written information about his assignments and projects. "HE IS VERY COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR."

Ashwini Jain

Business Analyst, Superior Construction: Southeast & Midwest Units

Suprabhat is a very talented, hard-working person. Suprabhat has a good knowledge of digital marketing aspects. During his internship, he suggested some strategies which helped us to refine our ideas. Also, Suprabhat is a multi-tasker and has good time management skills. It was my pleasure to work with Suprabhat.

Nikhil Jain

Co-Founder, Foreign Admits

Suprabhat is a talented Individual and always seeks to learn to add value to community. He has Entrepreneurial zeal and interest and in this young age, having a consistent focus on work, he will be achieving bigger moments in life. I had the Experience of meeting him online for my Venture and found him talented too. Soon he had to take a leave from my Venture due to his immense Interest in starting one on his own for solving some problems he feels that needs to be solved. He is a good multi-tasker and can be a good value creator to venture he become a part of.

Prayank Pitti

Founder, ERIDE

Ridiculously efficient, sincere, motivated, duty bound is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Suprabhat Das. He expertly filled the role of Digital Marketing Intern for Eride's marketing team for 21 days. As a team member or a leader, Suprabhat earns my recommendation.

Dr. Payel Ghosh

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

I had the pleasure of acknowledging Suprabhat as a student of myself in B.Tech., Engineering Mathematics class at Amity University, Kolkata. Suprabhat is passionate about connecting with people across cultures, whether that means authoring newspaper or volunteering social activities. He is passionate about computer and related topics. His ability of creating network, will help him in future. Hope to see him a successful person in life.

Sudip Sinha

Technical Manager - Networking, The Linde Group

Suprabhat is trustworthy positive-minded, self-motivated person who can perform the given tasks with excellence, meeting the high quality and timeline which are the two key requirement of the Industry. He has got positive aspiration to achieve greatness in life and passion to excel with deep dedication, which are the key winning aspect for him.  He demonstrated his skills and talent in multi disciplinary areas with greater involvement, example - photography, event management, Cyber Security Awareness that enhances his level of confidence, creativity and innovations which will potentially boost him to achieve the success being a high performer in life. Best wishes for successful career, healthy life, stay blessed, happy, wealthy and connected..

Manish Gaba

Co-founder, Corpversity

Hello & Thank you for being an awesome intern with Team Corpversity, Suprabhat!
From our observations, what distinguished you in this internship is your capability to efficiently follow up and close/win sales prospects for your team, which in turn stacked up some great sales numbers! Besides ‘closing’ which is considered a tough gig in sales, your ability to effortlessly coordinate and work with an equally determined crew speaks volumes about your team skills – A trait, any future firms that you will be a part of, would crave for! Whatever you aim for in the near future, these skills will help you go a long way – apply away in any given scenario and keep polishing them.
Overall, great going Suprabhat and best wishes!

Catherine White

Executive Director, The Good News Newspaper

I was delighted to print Mr Suprabhat Das' article on the fear of maths that we printed in Edition 133 of The Good News Newspaper. This topic of fears that students have in relation to maths are all too real, and his article had very practical handlings that students could use to overcome their traumas or fears. I would like to thank Mr Das very much for his article, and would love to see more come through of a similar quality in the near future.

Dr. Anirban Das

Head of Department - CSE, Amity University, Kolkata

I am amazed to have a student like Suprabhat Das, pursuing B.Tech CSE, who is one of the best students of the entire Amity University Kolkata. The key strength of Suprabhat is to zeal to learn and apply those knowledge in several newer dimensions with his analytical thinking. He is a self motivated student and a quick learner too. We do expect more and more from him in the days to come. And I do hope that Suprabhat will make all of us including his parents and teachers very proud. God bless.

Soumick Chatterjee

PHD Scholar, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

Suprabhat is a very hard working, creative person. He works with dedication. His designing is very nice and professional and always delivers on time.

Shouvik Chakraborty

Researcher in Autonomous Driving Assistance (ADAS) System

Suprabhat has been a student of mine since one year and is indeed one of the best student in Amity School of Engineering and Technology. Along with being really good in academics, he takes keen interest in technological advancement around the world. I find him really passionate about technology which has eventually led him to explore various dimensions in the said field. He is hardworking, sincere and a quick learner. In spite of being in 3rd Semester of his course, he has developed a matured outlook towards technology. In a nutshell, he posses all the necessary traits of being a good technologist in future and I wish him all the success in life.

Dr. Sumitra Datta

Assistant Professor, Amity University, Kolkata

Suprabhat as a student has always been meticulous in his efforts and hard working. The crucial part of his endeavors is that he makes the best use of any opportunity that assists his progress. Here's wishing him "the Best of luck"!

Nikita Gupta

Company Secretary, Balika Sharma & Associates

Suprabhat would be an asset to any team. I know him as a hard working teammate and is very passionate and has great vision for his work. And he completes his task efficiently and effectively.

Prodipta Pal

Assistant Professor, Amity University, Kolkata

Mr. Suprabhat Das is a student of B.Tech 4th Semester in Computer Science and Engineering of Amity University Kolkata. He was my student in the spring semester 2016 at Amity University Kolkata for the general chemistry course. He is a brilliant student with new ideas. He is curious to learn new things. He is also hard working, well behaved and can work in team. He can accommodate himself in any critical situation and have the potential to resolve the issue with his knowledge and presence of mind. I wish all the success in his life.

Pramit Ghosh

Academic Coordinator, Amity University, Kolkata

Suprabhat is a perceptive, sharp, quick individual with a high aptitude for Mathematics, Engineering and other subjects too. His personal strengths are as impressive as his intellectual accomplishments. He's an active, outgoing presence in class with a great sense of humor. Suprabhat believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good.

Indraja Salunkhe

Freelance Graphic Designer

Suprabhat is a good, obedient, out-of-the box thinker and a humble guy. I met him few months ago and realized that he had potential to make it big in his field. I like the way he conceptualizes the idea and bring it to life. He is also a quick learner, a team player and has awesome spirit for extra curricular activities. I wish him all the best for his future. It was great have him in my team as a graphic designer intern. Thank you.

Dr. Lalima Mukherjee

Assistant Professor - Economics, NSHM College of Management and Technology

He has been my student in Amity University Kolkata for sometime. Apart from being the CSE topper, he has always showed interest in allied subjects as well. He is a punctual, dedicated, honest, hardworking, efficient and a smart worker when it comes to any project or assignment. Moreover, he is very dependable and compact in his work. I wish him all the Best always for his future assignments.

Gaye Wearne

Melbourne, Australia

Suprabhat is an honest, hardworking and respectful young man, who reaches for excellence in his studies. Suprabhat is aware that self-knowledge and self-awareness are intrinsic to success,in college and beyond. Suprabhat listens intently to constructive criticism and understands the benefits, this is truly a positive trait to have!

Ananya Mondal

Research Scholar (submitted Ph. D.), University of Calcutta

I have great pleasure in recording my impressions about Mr. Suprabhat Das. I have known Suprabhat for the last one year, personally as well as in the capacity of his teacher during his B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Amity University, Kolkata. Suprabhat, since the very first day has impressed me with his constantly high performance in academics, original thinking and very proactive and focused nature.

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